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Welcome to Ricki's Cajun Tarot. I am an intuitive oracle and tarot card reader. I offer in-depth readings for each zodiac sign in my bi-weekly horoscope, astrology forecast and daily current energy videos to keep you updated on the vibes. Book a personalized private reading on my website. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for free, online, daily readings, weekly readings and monthly tarot readings, predictions and advice. Spice up your vibe with cajun readings by Ricki.

Anyone can hear guidance. All that's needed is to get quiet and ask. Practicing with your own life is how you learn. Taking leaps of faith and learning to be flexible and follow your heart is key. Trust yourself and rely on your own intuition and know that making mistakes is part of the process. Notice how you feel when you move in the direction of your heart's calling and if it starts to feel heavy, pause and change direction if needed. Life is ever changing. We are ever expanding!



So thankful for you and your reading. I feel everything you said was right on for my life.
Thank you so much.


Spot on!!!!  Exactly what my morning meditations have been revealing.  I love that you've ventured onto this path of sharing your heart through these decks!


Τhat's so powerful Ricki, really awesome reading, thank you sooo much! So grateful for those videos.



"I don’t wanna pay a price and live a life, without my guide. I just wanna follow through, and come to truth, and be spoken through."

Ricki Comeaux - Authentic Life

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